Yay or Nay on Using Snap Chat for Your Business.

Snapchat offers many ways to advertise on their social media platform. The best way, however, to build a good following is to use it by recording videos that your target audience will enjoy so that they keep coming back for more.

You have to consider the following:
• Snapchat has an adoption rate of about 70% with audiences under 25yo.
• Snapchat has over 100 million daily active users.
• Half of Snapchat users log in every single day.

That sounds like a gold mine for advertising on the platform, but it’s not that easy. You still need to remember that anything you post on your account will be wiped clean in 24 hrs. Most posts will be seen once and that’s it. Nevertheless I’ve seen some businesses like med spas, bars, clubs, clinics and even organizations use Snapchat on a very successful level.

The trick to using Snapchat is that you have to continuously be uploading videos and pictures for your audience to watch and stay entertained. It’s easy for some businesses to keep pushing content out through the platform. Unfortunately it’s not the same for all businesses.

Bottom line, it’s a great way to market to a younger audience, but I believe 99% of businesses are better spending their resources on other media platforms.



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