Pokémon Go is a Worldwide Phenomenon. Here are the facts!

OK, so you’ve probably seen PkmnGo all over your Facebook feed for days now. You probably didn’t even know what pokémon were until this app dropped on the iTunes Store and Play Store.

Will this be the greatest game ever? Well, we don’t know yet, but it started off with a lot of strength not seen by Nintendo in a while.

The numbers don’t lie. Here are some incredible pkmnGo facts:

1.- Pokémon Go is the number 1 app downloaded today. With more active users per day than Tinder! People are more interested in finding wild pokémon than love throught the dating app.

2.-  Pokémon Go is about to beat twitter for overall members. Twitter has been around for a decade now!

3.- Pokémon Go added so much value into the Nintendo stock that it raised stock about 25% netting Nintendo 7.5 Billion USD.

Even people who’ve never heard of pokémon are joining the worldwide event and having fun going out and enjoying the fact that pokémon is making a lot of people joining together to go catch pokémon.

Just a matter of time before we see what other records Pokémon Go Breaks!




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