Deadpool Movie Review –Spoiler FREE–

Who is Deadpool?

Deadpool is a Marvel Comics character that was originally supposed to be a spoof of a DC character. Initially deadpool was much more serious and gritty, being an assassin ninja and all, but that didn’t last long. Writers were changed and the new image for Wade Wilson (deadpool) was to be a wacky character. He is totally nuts! He is mentally unstable in a very comedic way. He has grown in popularity over the years and now has finally gotten his own movie.

Why a movie now?

This is actually a good thing! After so many years of having super hero movies, this film comes to us in a way that makes fun of all of those movies. He is not a hero but an anti-hero. The movie gives us a completely different view on these kind of movies making fun of stunts and tropes often found in this films.

What did I think of it?

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Ex-Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld makes game app?


Donald Rumsfeld is an American politician and a businessman. Now he’s getting the app market. At 83 years old, he decided he wanted to build an app. But not just any app, but a game!

He decided to do make a version of the game solitaire, but a devilish version of it. It’s actually the version that Winston Churchill played. Donald Rumsfeld plays this game in real life and found it amazing so now he wants to get into the mobile app industry with it. Spending two years in the development of the game.

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The most used passwords in 2015. And people don’t learn…

Hi and welcome to my first blog of 2016, where we’ll look at the most used passwords of 2015.

Every year SplashData compiles a list of the most used passwords for that year, and this year is the fifth year doing it and people seem to be using the same passwords over and over again. Not just because they add more numbers or make it a little bit longer their password will be any more secure.

These are the results based on leaked passwords over the year.

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