6 Obvious Tips To Improve your Facebook Post

Sometimes we think about our posts too much. We want them to be perfect and it takes us a long time to come up with the one we think is the perfect post.

Here are 6 obviously simple yet very effective strategies to use in your posts.


1.-  Keep it Short

Most people just skim through most posts on Facebook, so keep them short and sweet. The least amount of fluff you put the better.

2.- Be Positive!

People tend to share and engage with positive posts more when it inspired them or they find them funny or likeable. Motivational quotes are a quick and easy way to get some likes your way.

3.- Have a Call to Action

You need to tell people exactly what you want them to do. “Call Us Today” and “Share If You Enjoyed This” are great ways to get results. By the way, please Share this on your facebook account when you’re done reading. 😉

4.-  Promote a Video or Image

People always tend to stick and view videos and images about something than plain black text. If you have a video to share, do it and watch how much more interaction you get.  Images and videos carry more weight than text.

5.-  Do a “Did You Know?” post

People love to know. “Did you know” incites curiosity and will help you attract people to your post. Give them facts or interesting details about your business.

6.- Link to Something Important

If you’re promoting something on your website for example. Then link your website on it. If you want people to see a special page, then link to that page. People will be more likely to follow you if your show them the path.

These are sure ways to increase visibility and engagement for a post on Facebook. If you have any questions regarding these tips or want to know more. Feel free to contact us. We’ll be glad to help.




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